Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Italians

I thought for awhile about what to do for my first post to this blog. I didn't think that just showing some of the stock figures painted as NFL or AFL teams. I decided on showing some of my "custom" figures. Back in 2003 (or there about) I took a crack at making a molds and casting my own figures. I wanted my figures to be different from the basic figures, but keep the weight of the figures as close to the originals as possible. To accomplish this, I dismembered the original figures and molded the arms separate from the bodies.

Well, the results were not as good as I wanted. Many of the pieces had air bubbles, causing holes and weak limbs. Not wishing to waste these figures, I used my sculpting putty (Kneadatite) to fill in the holes then super glued the arms on to the bodies.

I was able to create 8 teams in this manner. Presented below are two of my home cast teams.

Roma Ducks (now defunct)

Reggio Emilia Hogs (still active)


I hope you have enjoyed these photos.